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All of our clinics feature highly qualified and competent audiologists. We specialize in ear wax removal, ensuring that minimum discomfort is caused.

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We offer you highly reliable services, and you will be done with the whole thing in a single day. Microsuction Earwax removal services are also provided via home visits.

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We give immense value to safety. We endeavor to make sure that the procedure is pain-free for you. We try to make you as comfortable as possible. All you need to do is book your appointment.

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Welcome to Ear Wax Removal US

Simple and safe microsuction ear wax removal service in USA.

Experienced Senior Audiologists

We have thoroughly experienced and trained audiologists who use Otoscopy to reach the root of the problem. Otoscopy is a procedure that makes it easier to examine how extensive your earwax problem is.

No outdated ear syringing

We do not use the obsolete technique of ear syringing for earwax removal. The technique of Microsuction is considered the safest and quickest method of removing earwax. It keeps discomfort to the minimum.

Safety First

Your safety would never be compromised when you deal with us. We ensure that the procedure is comfortable for you with minimum pain experienced.

Simple and Safe Microsuction Procedure

Our Simple and safe microsuction procedure can take as little as 2 minutes
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Our trained and experienced audiologists ensure that they reach the root of your earwax problem via Otoscopy. Through this procedure, the health of the ears is determined, which makes sure that the process of Microsuction is entirely safe for you. In case our audiologists feel that it would be unsafe to go ahead with Microsuction, we will provide you with other options that can help deal with your earwax problem.

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We begin with taking a detailed patient history that involves asking some questions relating to your hearing health. Followed by a pre-otoscopic examination which is essential for determining the condition of the ear canal and the extent of the earwax problem. If it is safe to proceed we then begin to gently remove the earwax using low pressure suction. Finally, we finish with a post-otoscopic examination and conclude with some final checks.

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Unlike syringing, microsuction does not require propelling water towards the eardrum. Instead, it is able to pull out all of the unwanted earwax within a couple of minutes. The microsuction procedure can take as little as 2 minutes

Safety is something we do not take lightly, and we make sure that you do not face any problems during the procedure.

  • We do not use the outdated technique of syringing
  • Our team comprises of experienced and trained audiologists
  • We specialize in removing impacted and hard earwax
  • Pre-treatment with oil is not required
  • The process is pain-free and safe
  • Registered audiologists
Eax wax removal audiologist

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