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How Ear Irrigation works and safety measures

Ear Irrigation, also called as low pressure irrigation, is a more precise ear cleansing treatment, unlike ear syringing. The method uses a particular tool for liquid insertion into the ears and dislodges the earwax. Typically, it is performed by a qualified nurse who can adjust the water flow rate according to the amount of wax buildup and patient's sensitivity.

Although the procedure can successfully remove the earwax, sometimes it can be painful and may even cause damage to the eardrum. Since the treatment requires water, some of it may remain inside the ear, which increases your chances to develop an infection. In most cases, the method requires the use of olive oil drops to soften the wax several weeks before having your ears irrigated. For some, this procedure can be a bit annoying and untidy.

The best part about ear Irrigation is that it allows water to be directed at ear canal wall in a controlled fashion. This makes ear Irrigation a safer and effective method.

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